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The Key Holders Are Real!

Seven people around the world are mysteriously abducted by a cyber madman known online as eVry1. They are the Key Holders, and their fate, along with control of the Internet, rests in the hands of one woman.

Sidney Marks, deaf since childhood and irreverent since birth, was an elite criminal hacker with a dark vendetta, until she was arrested by veteran FBI Agent Ted Spagnoli.  Desperate to avenge his fallen partner, he conned a young agent, Zach Quinn, into covertly working with Sidney to find eVry1. But Zach was hiding a secret of his own.

In a heart-pounding race against the clock, Sidney and Zach follow the trail to China where they must face their demons to save the Key Holders and themselves.  With the fate of the Internet at stake, they find something deep in Shanghai's old town that neither expected … each other.   

Another exciting thriller from Scott Hilsen that I could not put down. Could the Internet itself actually be hijacked? This fast-paced novel answers that question. As a former FBI Special Agent, I have enjoyed Scott’s work because of the cutting-edge issues presented and how law enforcement responds. I highly recommend!
— Former FBI Special Agent and Chief Division Counsel