Based on a Thrilling True Story!

When a conservative bank delves into the ethereal world of internet commerce, it gets entangled in a web of deceit, organized crime, and online adult entertainment.

For SouthPoint Bank, its purchase of Internet Connections, or ICon, was a risky way to boost its stock price, but the deal was rushed so that the power hungry Chairman of SouthPoint could stay in power.  For ICon, being acquired by SouthPoint was its last chance to cash in on the Internet boom, but the flashy President of ICon was looking for more than money – he needed a way to escape a secret that ICon had been concealing through a conspiracy of fraud.

After a surprise fraud investigation uncovers a connection between the bank and the Russian Mafia, the investigation suddenly turns into a dangerous race against the clock to expose the fraud and to save the bank from financial ruin.  From Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains to Antigua in the Caribbean Sea, Fraudulent Intention$ twists and turns around the shadowy world of white collar crime.

From the first chapter to the last, I couldn’t put it down. This book had so much … murder, intrigue, fraud, mystery – and the Russian mafia. I found myself holding my breath and looking over my shoulder as the main characters walked into dangerous situation after dangerous situation.
— Frances McFate, Author of The Demon Plague



“Fraudulent Intention$ is a thriller! I couldn’t stop turning the pages….Hilsen keeps the reader on edge guessing who the bad guys are and what is going to happen next. As a forensic accountant, I related because the book accurately represents the essential steps of an investigation with an added edge of car chases, private jets, yachts, suicide, murder and the Russian mafia. Hilsen hits a homerun on the interpersonal relationships between characters and with the contrast between a conservative southern Atlanta bank and a glamorous high growth Miami payment processor. I recommend this book broadly and especially to those professionals who are considering a career fighting fraud.” - Christopher Grippa, Partner, EY, Dispute Analysis & Forensic Services


“Fraud at its suspenseful best. A whistleblower’s paranoia. Hilsen has neatly woven numerous important features of economic crime into a can’t-put-it-down story: due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, forensic accounting, computer forensics, whistleblowing, and the fact that not all economic crime cases are free from violence. This is a valuable “real-life” learning tool for the classroom as well as the boardroom. Fraudulent Intention$ fills a considerable gap in the focus of crime fiction, and we could certainly enjoy and benefit by more from Scott Hilsen.” - George E. Curtis, J.D., Professor of Criminal Justice, Executive Director Emeritus, Economic Crime Institute, Utica College


“A smile will come to the face of any experienced investigator who follows the work of Jake Morgan in Fraudulent Intention$. This story shows what it takes to “make the case” in a forensic investigation involving fraud and deceit. Future fraud investigators, take note of the challenges, hard work, stresses, and human elements in this type of work. I had trouble setting this book down, and it will become a must-read for the white-collar crime students in our program.” - Don Berecz (retired FBI), Director, Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting, Georgia Southern University


“This is the first book I have read cover-to-cover in over 40 years. Usually I lose interest in a book but I had problems putting this book down. You did an excellent job of not only making it a pleasure to read as well as a thriller, but it is also an educational icon.”- Randy Cutliff, Director, Internal Audit Office, Salt Lake Community College


“Scott Hilsen’s new book, Fraudulent Intention$, is a well-told tale of corporate and personal greed as seen through the eyes of those charged with bringing the sordid affair to light. The premise that a well-respected, conservative financial institution would fall prey to the meteoric rise of a start-up company in a start-up industry is all too familiar in today’s world of failing financial systems. The story moves through a number of twists and surprises at a pace that keeps the reader engaged and wanting more. The ease with which the story is told and the authenticity of the characters and action begs the question: Just how much time has Scott Hilsen spent on which side of the law?” - Phil Robertson, United States Secret Service (Retired)


“Fraudulent Intention$ is a thriller that captures readers in a web of deceit and corruption, while also exposing them to the intricacies of white-collar crime. A must read for anyone!” - William Donaldson, F.B.I. Special Agent; former Deputy Inspector General of Georgia